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Curry's Family Pharmacy has been providing quality healthcare services for the Riverton and Springfield area for over 20 years. We hope to be able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine soon. We will continue to update this site when any new information becomes available.

Thank you

COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Availability

Vaccines are effective tools to protect you from the virus, help safely return to pre-COVID routines and end this pandemic. After months of ensuring those at greater risk are protected, all residents age 18 and up are eligible to get your lifesaving shot.

We currently have the Moderna brand which will require a second shot no sooner than 28 days after the initial vaccination.  We will schedule your second dose appointment before you leave our facility.  We are now scheduling appointments 5 days a week.  Please follow the link below to schedule your appointment.  We urge everyone eligible to receive the vaccine as we all work together to end this pandemic and return to our normal lives.


  • Please understand that we will administer vaccine only to individuals that meet the criteria set forth by the Department of Health according to which phase the Department of Health has authorized us to administer within.

  • All individuals must make an appointment using the attached form.

  • Note that securing a time slot does not guarantee you will receive the vaccine.

  • We reserve the right remove you from the list of those receiving the vaccine based off of you not meeting the criteria defined by SCDPH, not presenting the required credentials as set forth by SCDPH, and or due to the vaccine not being available.

  • Please also understand that due to the high number of patients we plan to have visiting our facility for vaccination, if you do not arrive at your scheduled time for vaccination we most likely will not be able to accommodate you outside of your appointment time.

Please follow the attached link to register for an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination

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